Our story

Hi there! We are A'nar't and we're going to tell you more about us and the story of our brand.

We are a small business whose mission is to bring happiness to its customers. Beautiful art pieces made by the artist Ana Montero. Different, bright and boutique is what describes it best. The elegant and artistic jewelry matches every personality and it's unique. As for mandalas, they are the most successful exhibition from A'nar't and traveled around the world. Our logo represents infinity and prosperity so you better know that the ideas here are never-ending!
                                          With love:
                                      A'nar't  team

Ana Montero

Early years, education, professional activity, personal thoughts.

Ana Montero is a Bulgarian artist and designer known as the creator of A'nar't. Born in October 1976 in Sofia, Bulgaria. She studied Textil Art specialty in 151 high schools, then she completed her degree in fashion at the National Academy of Theater and Film Arts in Sofia and the college of Arts and Fashion "Jule Paskin" as well. In 1995-1996 she makes two collective exhibitions in Bulgaria. May 1999 was Ana's first individual exhibition at "Union of Architects". Following by a fashion show " America" 2001, which she participated in. In March 2003 was her exhibition "Images of the Heart" in the gallery "Ofelia Murrieta"- Mexico City, where she lived a few years. The artist takes participation in Collective Exhibition Painting on Canvas at Cuenca, Ecuador and then in Buenos Aires, Argentina. In 2005 she had her own exhibition " Between Sun and Moon" in the Ministry of Culture- Tlaxcala, Mexico. March 2006- "Body, Home, Earth" in the prestige National Palace of Fine Arts in Mexico City again. 2012 Ana Montero makes her exposition "Mexico, Colorful and Hot Spicy" in the Exhibition Hall of Graffiti Gallery of Varna, Bulgaria. 2017-2018 she had "Mayan Legends without Relating" exhibition in Sofia, Plovdiv, and Shumen. The extraordinary and mystic mandalas were exposed in the "Béla Bartók" festival - Budapest, Hungary. She is making an art installation for the "Día de Los Muertos" holiday in the Spanish "Servantes" Institute in Sofia for second year. "I create our brand for the dreamers and the connoisseurs of the non-standard. The diffirent types of textures, structures, materials and nature inspire me. In every single piece you can see a little part of me and my imagination. I believe in the spiritual growth trough business and I will continue to put my heart in my Art."