Plastic art- mandala. Mandala is cosmic diagram based on a circle form. The idea of ​​the ''Fishnet'' mandala is to take you beyond the perceptions of geometry and to show the possibilities of inert material by letting yourself experience the meaning of this art.

  • Material: cellulose and organic materials
  • Artist: Ana Montero


In 2018 the artist Ana Montero participate in the festival ''ElevenŐsz'' at ''Bartók Béla Boulevard'' in Hungary where she presented her exhibition consisting of 13 mandalas-''Homo Ludens''. She said ''I believe that if the divine particle exist, it is the impulse to create and the pleasure of it. Therefore, this exhibition has the name ‘’Homo Ludens’’. This is an experiment, that gives freedom to the texture, form and sense, giving an inert material a new interpretation and meaning.''. About the materials she works with she also said ''I can say that paper has a special place in my heart. It is an organic, breathable material that always has the last word. How exactly it will dry out? Where it will take away from the volume? Where new curves will be added? It’s always unpredictable, which adds note of fun in our common game. The addition of colors, structures and various organic materials strengths the feeling of the many possibilities of cellulose.''.

''Fishnet''- mandala